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NEW label roll(s) (n3) 7/8

NEW label roll(s) (n3) 7/8"x1/2" fl red & blk 'near-no-res' adhesive rt. just.

Quantity   9 - 17     18 - 35     36+  
Price $12.95 $10.95 $5.95
Labels do not combine for price breaks
This label would not die. Some tenacious librarians continued to resuscitate after it was declared dead. So, n3 rides again. The right justified preprint permits the month &/or year to be imprinted by our Total Library labeler, Contact 22-6,6, or 8 labeler. The 'near-no-res' adhesive is slightly more aggressive than our 'super-no-res, (SNN) adhesive labels, yet still allows the easy & clean removal with a plastic peeler (PLS-1). Little, if any, residue may result. 1200/roll.