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ILL label roll(s) 7/8

ILL label roll(s) 7/8"x1/2, Fluoro Red / Black, 1/2 case

Quantity   9 - 17     18 - 35     36+  
Price $12.95 $10.95 $5.95
90-roll, Half-case order for Fluorescent Red
and our "Near-no-Residue" adhesive.

Do ILL items get lost for a year or two?
Expedite return of ILL books by deterring the mistaken shelving in borrowing libraries, by their aides. Place the ILL label over the call numbers of loaned (or borrowed) items to deter shelving in borrowing libraries.

You may also label items that you borrow. This may deter your aides from mistakenly shelving the lender's book in your library. Please leave the ILL labels on the books that you return, to share your success.

The labels remove quickly & easily upon return with a plastic peeler (PLS-1). This 7/8" wide by 1/2" tall label may have the highest gross payback (ROI) of any label you have ever ordered. They are fluorescent red (tomato) & black labels with 1220 labels per roll.

Also Available in White